Council Chamber, City Hall
4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

Note: Festivals Burnaby grants #20-S-001, #20-S-002, and #20-L-001, approved by Council on 2020 February 10 and 2020 March 09, were returned to the City as a result of festivals cancellation due to COVID-19.

Note: Approved grants amount does not include green fee waiver #20.07.g. Unused portion of in-kind printing grant #20.03.p, approved by Council on 2020 February 10, and full green fee waiver #20.07.g, approved by Council on 2020 March 09, will not be expensed as a result of events cancellation due to COVID-19.

KidsMove Schools

An application was received from the Pro Motion Research Institute and the Fortius Foundation requesting a grant in support of their ten-week KidsMove Schools program to take place from 2020 October 27 to 2021 June 18 at Fortius Sport & Health in Burnaby. The ten-week program takes place at Fortius Sport & Health. Children are transported for a two hour long program that allows them to focus on building skills such as running, passing, and throwing with a variety of sports such as cricket, curling, and ultimate Frisbee. The KidsMove program provides inclusive physical and health education to Burnaby elementary school students; builds skills, confidence and enjoyment in physical activity; and furthers teachers’ knowledge to deliver schools’ physical and health education programs. After an extended break due to the ongoing pandemic, costs have increased as more space, more equipment, and more coaches need to be provided. BC safety guidelines and protocols will be put in place to ensure a safe environment for all students, teachers and staff. The program will be supporting over 450 Burnaby children aged 9-12.

Request: $18,000

CPA: 2019 - $15,000 / 2018 - No Application / 2017 - No Application