Council Chamber, City Hall
4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

Presenter: Margaret Manifold, Senior Social Planner

Council Correspondence Package 2020.08.14.

Note: The keeping of hens in residential neighbourhoods may be of interest to some residents, however concerns regarding noise, odour, spread of disease, and risks to public health and safety have been raised by the community, which resulted in limiting the keeping of backyard chickens to agricultural properties where similar uses are permitted. In general, residential properties in an urban setting do not have adequate lot area to provide the required setbacks from neighbouring properties to minimize anticipated noise concerns which can be a recurring issue. The elimination of unpleasant odour requires regular cleaning and disposal of  waste which some owners may fail to satisfy, especially if chickens are kept only as a food source. While sales of unwanted poultry at livestock and poultry auctions is an option, not all poultry owners choose this option, and as such dealing with unwanted poultry remains an issue in residential neighbourhoods. Permitting backyard chickens in urban residential neighbourhoods requires a detailed review and public input as the community’s concerns are more significant when it comes to the keeping of chickens as a pet, compared to other animals typically associated with pets.