Council Chamber, City Hall
4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

Note: Festivals Burnaby grants #20-S-001, #20-S-002, and #20-L-001, approved by Council on 2020 February 10 and 2020 March 09, were returned to the City as a result of festivals cancellation due to COVID-19.

Note: Approved grants amount does not include green fee waiver #20.07.g. Unused portion of in-kind printing grant #20.03.p, approved by Council on 2020 February 10, and full green fee waiver #20.07.g, approved by Council on 2020 March 09, will not be expensed as a result of events cancellation due to COVID-19.

Street Banner Program

An application was received from United Way of the Lower Mainland requesting an in-kind grant (for labour cost) in support of the 2020 United Way Campaign in the amount of $10,000 to cover banner installation and removal costs along Kingsway, between Boundary Road and Royal Oak Avenue.  The banners would be installed from 2020 November 01 to December 31. Approximately 37,500 residents benefit from United Way programs. 

Request: $10,000 in-kind labour cost*

CPA: in-kind labour cost 2019 -  $10,000 (used $1,908) / 2018 - $10,000 (used $3,919) / 2017 - $15,000 (used $3,279)

*Request for $10,000 is due to unforeseen circumstance such as the need for hardware replacement.

One to One Children Programs

An application was received from the Burnaby-based Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF) requesting a grant in support of the One to One Children Programs from 2020 September 15 to 2021 June 30. The DSRF provides specialized and innovative health and education programs and services which meet the complex health and educational needs, increase social connectedness and self-esteem, improve the quality of life, and provide a foundation for lifelong learning for children living with Down Syndrome. Programs and services focus on speech, language and occupational therapy, reading and communication, math, and enhancing the life skills that foster maximum independence. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual programs (i.e. telehealth services, online resources and group programs) have been implemented.  The Foundation’s centre is open for small group programs with larger opening planned for 2020 September. Approximately 563 individuals, 52% of which are Burnaby residents, benefit annually from these services.

Request: $15,000

CPA: 2019 - $10,000 / 2018 - No Application / 2017 - No Application

Bridging the Generations: Virtual Resources to Stay Connected

An application was received from Volunteer Grandparents requesting a grant to offset additional costs for maintaining existing programming from 2020 July to December.  Volunteer Grandparents supports and encourages multi-generational relationships, and the concept of the extended family.  The Family Match Program matches senior volunteers (i.e. grandparents) with families who have children aged 3 to 14 years and do not have grandparents.  The School Grandparent Program provides senior volunteers for elementary school activities through which volunteers share their skills, knowledge and experience. Letters to Seniors Program supports isolated seniors in care facilities with encouraging drawings and messages sent by youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The organization plans to establish a pen pal program, and to use funds for recruitment, screening and training of senior volunteers; to increase program enrollment and promote its services; and to develop a new online mentoring program. In 2020, approximately 125 Burnaby residents are benefiting from the programs.

Request: $7,500

CPA: 2019 - $1,500 in-kind printing* / 2018 - $1,000 in-kind printing** / 2017 - No Application

*$1,500 in-kind printing grant was awarded to Volunteer Grandparents for printing costs for the Family Match and School Grandparent Programs.

**$1,000 in-kind printing grant was awarded to Volunteer Grandparents for printing of promotional materials for their 45th anniversary campaign.

BIPOC Voices on Racism and Anti-Racism Program

An application was received from MOSAIC requesting a grant in support of a virtual anti-racism program from 2020 November to 2021 March. The program will include a two-hour webinar featuring the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) panelists discussing racism, its manifestation in the community, and guiding participants to take responsibility and become more anti-racist. Monthly training sessions will provide educational opportunities for the community, and address topics such as transitioning from a bystander to an ally, impacts of settlers’ colonialism in Canada, and development of anti-racism skills and competencies for systematic social change. The target audience are residents volunteering and/or working in Burnaby. Approximately 80 individuals are expected to attend the webinar, and approximately 30 individuals are expected to attend each training session.

Request: $10,695

CPA: 2019/2018/2017 - No Application


Public excluded according to Sections 90 and 92 of the Community Charter for the Committee to consider matters concerning personal information about an identifiable individual who is being considered for a municipal award or honour, or who has offered to provide a gift to the municipality on condition of anonymity; and labour relations or other employee relations.